Celestyna and Paweł, happy couple living and working together.
Wedding pictures are unique. So many emotions, feelings and moments that happen this one and only time.
Together, we offer two original points of view and an even better guarantee to catch all those unforgettable moments. We have great experience and great passion and imagination for what we do. With a very positive and understanding attitude, we always try to make the best out of every celebration so You can have to best memory of Your special day.


Celestyna Król

Graduated from Middlesex University (BA in History and Theory of Media, Art and Design) and Westminster University (MA in Photographic Journalism). In 2005 she had a solo exhibition at My life in Art Gallery in London, where she has lived for 8 years (in London not in the gallery:). She lives in Warsaw since 2004. Worked as Warsaw cultural magazine project manager and publishing director for the Polish Airlines inflight magazine Kaleidoscope. For a year she had her own column about photography in Elle magazine. For the past seven years, as a freelancer, she photographed for numerous magazines (InStyle, Gala, Wysokie Obcasy Extra, Dom&Wnętrze, Elle Decoration, Veranda, label, Cztery Kąty), taking portraits and shooting interiors. She also works as a photographer on TV sets, prepares promotional and social campaigns, takes corporate, fashion and family portraits as well as food and product photography. She took pictures for 4 books: 2 culinary, 1 fashion and 1 christmas book.
She is crazy about sports, from frisbee through diving and climbing to snowboard, Tai Chi and contemporary dance. Keen on fashion, street art, industrial design and cinema. Loves dogs, travels and nature.


Paweł Królikiewicz

As a jeweller, Paweł has got a longterm experience in artistic work. He specialises in sculptures and objects made out of precious metals. The sculptures were made for government officials and are also collected in papal cellars in the Vatican.
He is also a specialist in creative internet marketing, social media and design work, especially considering the jewellery market.
In his free time, he takes part in DogFrisbee competitions with his Belgian Sheepdog Ayo 🙂
Photography has been his passion since he remembers and slowly this passion has become his everyday work. This is what he loves doing and has been successfully doing for the past 10 years. From jewellery, though wedding to productss and portraits. He learnt everything by himself, never attending any courses or studies. This gave him an opportunity to make a lot of constructive mistakes, discover the equipment in every detail and develop his own personal style of photography.
He is also a graphic designer and retouch specialist.